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Shared solidarity

Every partnership is unique and is built by respecting each other’s interest and values. The partnerships we offer rest on our resolve to develop and advance the local abilities of the people we support.

Why support us

By becoming a partner of Unity Foundation, you are supporting sustainably and in a very concrete way the recipients of our programs, while at the same time strengthening the public’s adhesion to your company. This partnership will allow you to:

create a platform for exchanges, meetings and debates between your company and our association rally  your staff around a common project  sensitize your clients and suppliers on your company’s involvement in the field of humanitarian development enhance your company’s image through corporate philanthropy be eligible  for fiscal reductions benefit of our 20 year-strong expertise and know-how in the field of development, while being assured of our transparency in the use of your funds.

How to support us

Every partnership is unique and is constructed following the possibilities and wishes of each partner. The partner-company chooses to support all or part of a project and to follow its evolution, to make a one-time donation, to sponsor its abilities (graphic design, translation, etc.), or to become a fund-raising relay.


Your company can also assist Unity Foundation by helping organize events of our foundation or by sponsoring the production of publications for example.

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Current campaigns

Check out for education: The objective of this cooperation between Unity Foundation and Hôtel International is to collect funds for our projects. The process is simple and effective: the guest is asked whether they accept a € 1 donation added to their hotel invoice. The guest may refuse the donation or to donate a higher amount if they so wish.