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1. I have a project and I’m interested in receiving financial support from or start a collaboration with Unity Foundation. How can we proceed?

We thank you for your interest and for considering Unity Foundation as a potential partner. Throughout many years of action and reflection we decided to adapt a development program consisting exclusively of two types of projects: Community Schools and Preparation for Social Action (PSA). Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to fund other initiatives but we wish you a lot of success in your endeavors.

2. I would love to volunteer in one of your projects and I’m willing to do it for free and pay all my expenses. Would this be possible?

For Unity Foundation it is truly an honour to be able to financially assist our partners in making a lasting impact in their communities. We see ourselves as their mouthpiece and it is our privilege to be able to represent their work in front of donors and the public in general. Our projects safeguard the right of each people to be the protagonists of their own development. We see development as a process, the main participants of which are the people themselves, irrespective of the degree of material prosperity achieved by their nations.

In that sense, we are unable to accept volunteers or send volunteers to the field, as this is beyond the scope of our work. If you are based in Luxembourg, we recommend you to check the website of Service National de la Jeunesse for better alternatives. We truly admire your wish to serve humanity and hope you can fulfill this purpose.