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Our structure

Unity Foundation is governed by a board of directors which regularly meets to consult on the strategic direction of the organization. The day-to-day work is being carried out by the office team. Our external consultancy body, the Office of Social and Economic Development (OSED) in Haifa, Israel connects us to grass-root development agencies which have the capacity to work with external funding organization. OSED and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs act as two filters ensuring the quality and integrity of our projects.

Our core values

United in Service

Learning in action

Striving for excellence

Honoring your trust

Contributing with joy

Meet the board of directors

UF-Fernand-Schaber_OGMr. Fernand Schaber | President

Fernand has been an ethic-driven professional in Private Banking since 1986. He has combined this role with his philanthropic mandates and strongly believes that both worlds can be potentially, against some prejudices, a perfect match. Fully supported by his family Fernand joined the board of Unity Foundation in 2002, humbly and gratefully making a little contribution to the betterment of the world.

UF-Abbas-Rafii_OGMr. Abbas Rafii | Vice president

A trained engineer who in 1971 established his own company “Ireco” in Luxembourg and in 2006 was voted into the “Entrepreneur of the Year”
hall of fame. The following year he was awarded by His Royal Highness Grand-Duke Henri as “Commandeur de l’Ordre du Mérite du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg”. He is a founding member of Unity Foundation and served as its president for many years. As vice-president of the board of directors he is still actively involved in the foundation, always driven by his greatest aspiration: service to humanity.

claude-wiltgenMr. Claude Wiltgen | Treasurer

As a father of four children and the grandfather of five, education has always been one of the main interests in his life. It is his conviction that good and universal education of children and pre-youth, community building and social action are THE essential keys  necessary for the betterment of the world.

UF-Paul-Arbab_OGMr. Paul Arbab | Administrator

Born in the US, Paul grew up in Colombia. He holds an MBA and joined the board of Unity Foundation in January 2007. Since then he has been able to provide valuable input to the strategic direction of the Foundation. He is a proud father of two toddlers and strongly believes in the power of education.

UF-Paola-Dumet_OGMs. Paola Dumet-Fusco | Administrator

A sociologist by training working at a social research institute. After having worked for some years in the development field in Latin America, Paola arrived in Luxembourg to continue her studies and joined Unity Foundation in 2007.  She has always believed in the transformative power of people to bring about change in society, and she feels honored to serve with Unity Foundation. 

angelaDr. Angela Roldán | Administrator

A molecular biologist by training, Angela joined the board of directors in the fall of 2012. Fully convinced that education empowers women to contribute for the betterment of a world which continues to struggle for gender equality, Angela is grateful to be a part of the Unity Foundation team.

serge-2-1Mr. Serge Thill | Administrator

Working as a management consultant, Serge is passionate about helping people and organizations make their best talents shine in service of the common good and an ever advancing civilization, for which responsibility, equality and unity in diversity must be seen as cornerstones. Serge joined the board of Unity Foundation in 2012.

uf-thomas-hueck-ogMr. Thomas Hueck | Administrator

Thomas considers himself a world citizen and joined Unity Foundation in 2011 after finishing an assignment in the Middle East. As a father of two toddlers, he firmly believes that education alone can unravel the gems inherent in all of us.

Meet the office team

UF-Claudine-Winkel_OGMs. Claudine Winkel | Project Manager

It has now been 17 years since Claudine active involvement in the field of NGO’s and developing projects. Having worked for 10 years in the financial sector, she knows today that she has found her true calling and hopes that the experience gained over the years will serve our local partners and their projects.

Mr. Yves Wiltgen | Public Discourse Officer

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Yves spent four years in the United Kingdom completing a BA in Event Management and a MSc in Management. He then returned to Luxembourg and started his career within the cultural sector at a cultural institution as well as the Ministry of Culture. Yves is constantly trying to apply his knowledge to new areas and is therefore excited and grateful to be able to contribute to the invaluable and important mission of Unity Foundation. He joined the Unity Foundation team as the Public Discourse Officer in April 2014.